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The Bichon Frise Breed, Bichon Frise 'Mixes' and Teacup Dogs

Food & Diet

Such an important topic for all breeds of dogs. Feeding the right food can add years to the life of your fur baby. The Bichon Buzz brings you information every dog lover lover needs to know!

Health & Wellness

Small dogs can have unique health problems. The Bichon Buzz brings you information and tips to address any health concerns you may have about your fur baby.


Another important issue for every dog. They need you to lead and give guidance to show what behavior is acceptable. The Bichon Buzz  brings you information and training tools to help you become the responsible human your dog deserves!

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A Blueprint to Help You Prepare For Your Fur Baby Sitter When You Travel
ADVERTISEMENT As much as we would sometimes like to, we can't always bring our fur babies with us when it's[...]
Maltichon ~ Bichon plus Maltese
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Get to Know the Havachon Breed With mixed breeds growing in tremendous popularity, it didn't take long for breeders to realize that it would[...]
Seven Plus Summer Situations to be Alert to, to Keep Your Fur Baby Safe
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Discovered: Your Dog’s (& Your) Most Favorite New Toy!
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Surprise! Having a Dog is Actually Good for Your Health
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Shishon: The American Teddy Bear = Bichon plus Shih Tzu
The Shishon – Get to Know More about this Breed Touted as the American Teddy Bear, the Shishon or the Bishihtz[...]
Toys for the Bichon Frise
As all work and no play will only make Jack a dull boy, it also applies to dogs that are[...]
A Rescue Organization for the Bichon Frise
It is sometimes hard to believe how adorable little dogs like the Bichon can get abandoned and abused by people.[...]
Games Bichons Like to Play
I like to play games. Won't you play with me? One of the most outstanding traits of the Bichon’s personality[...]

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About Us

Cookie-inspiration behind Bichon Frise Buzz

Hi, my name is Holli and I love the Bichon Frise Breed! I wanted to introduce myself to you and have you meet my fur baby and the inspiration behind The Bichon Buzz!

Her name is Cookie and she came into my life many years ago as a puppy. At that point I wasn’t what you would call a “dog lover” and the reason that we bought her was because I promised my son he could have a dog if he visited my sister, who had two bichons at the time, and didn’t exhibit any signs of allergies. Well, you can guess what happened ~ he came home with no allergies reported and I had to honor my promise.