About Us | Why We Love the Bichon Frise Breed

Hi, my name is Holli  and I love the Bichon Frise Breed! I wanted to introduce myself to you and have you meet my fur baby and the inspiration behind The Bichon Buzz!

Her name is Cookie and she came into my life many years ago as a puppy.   At that point I wasn’t what you would call a “dog lover” and the reason that we bought her was because I promised my son he could have a dog if he visited my sister, who had two bichons at the time, and didn’t exhibit any signs of allergies.  Well, you can guess what happened ~ he came home with no allergies reported and I had to honor my promise.

When my sister came to visit soon after, we decided that this would be the best time to search for our new family addition.  I thought (mistakenly) that she would be able to help with the training and make our path to new puppy parenthood easier.   The story goes like this ~ we found Cookie in a pet store “on sale” because the store was moving their location. We then brought her home (even after the pet store owner advised getting a goldfish before a puppy) and soon found out that my sister really didn’t know how to train our new baby.  With all that followed, I was not happy with this little puppy.

Fast forward a few years and she crawled her way deep into my heart.  A major turning point was when my Mom was very ill and I knew she didn’t have much time left.  I came home from visiting her and broke down sobbing.  I felt a little push on my legs and looked down and there was little Cookie looking up at me with her puppy eyes.  I picked her up and she looked at me and then put her head on my shoulder to try and comfort me.  I fell in love with her at that moment!

Years later, when my son went off to college and I later became single – Cookie became my dog and has been with me through thick and thin.  She is living her “second life.” Over 7 years ago she was diagnosed with hemolytic anemia, hospitalized, and the doctors advised that she probably wouldn’t make it.  I literally felt my heart shatter into a million pieces.  By sitting with her, loving her, and empowering her to fight through it, she miraculously survived!  The doctors said that the love got her through.  Each day with her since has been a blessing.

Because of all her adorable antics,  she has given us so many funny stories to share.  Just last night my daughter and I were reminiscing about some of the things she has done, and we both ended up laughing all over again.

This picture shows what happened one day when I got into the shower:


She hopped in and when I got out I saw her pondering the question “what do I do now?” There are so many cute things she has done over the years, and many stories to relate over again.

Bichons (and the bichon breed) are adorable, funny, cuddly, loving, …sweet as sugar dogs.  They love people!  Years ago when I hosted all of our Holiday Dinners, Cookie would be sure and greet everyone hello.  Then, afterwards, when all the family and guests had left, she would look at me, sigh (seriously) and then lay down ~ as if to say “my job is done.”

This page was started in her honor when she was 13 1/2.  She has a cataract in one eye and is slowly starting to lose her hearing but is till SWEET as SUGAR.  She has been there for me, and now I will be there for her.

I am an entrepreneur and love to develop new things so you will see products on this sight developed as part of Cookie’s legacy.  For me, she is the one:

“Every once in a while a dog comes into your life, steals your heart, and changes everything!”

I do have a jewelry business ~ EnthronedEmpress ~ so it is natural that I would begin sharing some dog jewelry.  “Paws Forever in my Heart” is our first piece and hopefully you can understand why.  If you have anything in particular that you would like to see made, please don’t hesitate to write me at Cookie@thebichonbuzz.com.

Last, but certainly not least, I have a grandpuppy who is a combo Bichon and Shih Tzu and is known as The American Teddy Bear.  She is adorable, extremely mischievous and has begun creating her own stories for us to share.  You  will see Bella’s picture frequently on our facebook page.

Thank you for visiting with us,

Holli and Cookie

Bathing beauty    Cookie Cookie outside

Cookie Update:

Right before she turned 15 Cookie had to have one of her eyes removed.  One of her Cataracts turned into Glaucoma and got infected. She is still as adorable as ever: