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A Blueprint to Help You Prepare For Your Fur Baby Sitter When You Travel

ADVERTISEMENT As much as we would sometimes like to, we can’t always bring our fur babies with us when it’s time for travel. I’ve never boarded Cookie before and have always been lucky

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Dogs Keep You Company

Seven Plus Summer Situations to be Alert to, to Keep Your Fur Baby Safe

Summertime is synonymous with Fun Time but there are some situations that we need to be alert to, to keep our fur babies safe and sound during this season! Click on Next to Start Slideshow below  …   ADVERTISEMENT

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Pride Bites Personalizable Bed

Discovered: Your Dog’s (& Your) Most Favorite New Toy!

A few years ago we went to the Pet Expo in Orlando and met the gentlemen behind this. We love this company and thought you would too!   Use the Coupon Code BBuzz on Checkout to get 10% off your

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Bichons make you happy

Surprise! Having a Dog is Actually Good for Your Health

There are a number of reasons why humans get four-legged friends as their lifelong companions. Many individuals get therapy dogs to assist them with their permanent disabilities, while others choose to

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Toys for the Bichon Frise

As all work and no play will only make Jack a dull boy, it also applies to dogs that are deprived of toys. Not only do dog toys serve as exciting rewards, they can also provide comfort to dogs, help

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Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes to Be Aware of in Your Bichon

In humans, the most common signs and symptoms of Diabetes are: Increased Thirst Increased Urination Unexplained Weight loss – without trying Blurred Vision Increased Hunger Increased Fatigue

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Bichon Chemical Free Cloth

You shouldn’t use chemicals at home when you have a dog

Why you shouldn’t use chemicals at home when you have a dog On a typical day, every homeowner uses cleaning products that may contain toxic ingredients that can be very harmful for not only you and

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Avoid These Foods Poisonous to Dogs

Poison! Foods Your Dog Should Avoid

Did you know that there are many foods that are actually poisonous to dogs? We may cook with them every day, but if your Bichon baby gets a bite of them you need to be aware that trouble may follow.  Take

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bichon frise common health problems & issues

Common Health Problems of The Bichon Frise

Common health problems occur with the Bichon Frise, just as with most breeds. Known for their cotton-ball cloud of white hair, the Bichon Frise is one of the most well loved dog breeds. And while Bichons