Bichons make you happy

Games Bichons Like to Play

I like to play games. Won’t you play with me?

One of the most outstanding traits of the Bichon’s personality is her cheerful attitude. Not
only does the Bichon enjoy being loved, cuddled and being the center of attention, she also loves to play.

Here are some  examples of games that bichons like to play that you can enjoy with your fur baby:

One of the easiest games that bichons like to play is catch. This game is not rocket science. All you have to do is toss a ball and train your baby to go after it. Once she gets a hold of how the game is played, start making the tosses more difficult. You can also play this with a Frisbee or a stick, depending on your yard size and of course, how well your fur baby is trained for it.

One of the coolest toys we’ve seen for your playful Bichon is iFetch ~ your fur baby will have fun for hours and hours.

Hide and Seek
No different from the game you used to play as a child, hide and seek is also a favorite
among dogs, including the Bichon. To play it, find one of your Bichon’s favorite toys and
hide it somewhere she can easily find it. When she is able to successfully
find it, reward your Bichon enthusiastically with treats and praise. Not only will playing
hide and seek stimulate her mentally and physically, it will also continue to develop the bond between you.

Simon Says
This game is great for Bichons that already know the basic commands such as sit, stay,
down, roll over and shake. It’s a memory game more than anything, so grab some treats
while you practice on your dog’s ability to understand these basic commands. Make
sure to mix up the order every once in a while to keep your pup on her toes and really
test if she knows what you’re asking her to do.

Here are some important things to remember while playing with your fur baby:

1. Establish rules during playtime and enforce them consistently.
2. Keep sessions short, interesting, and rewarding.
3. Don’t stick with one game. Mix it up once in a while to make it interesting and fun
– not just for your dog, but for yourself, as well.

There are so many games that bichons like to play. If you have any suggestions, please let us know.