Here’s What to Do When Your Dog Chews Through Everything

  • Chew toys made in China often have poisonous chemicals in them
  • Thousands of dogs choke and die every year from chewing and swallowing cheap toys
  • Even without the health risks, replacing chew toys can get expensive

Only One Chew Toy Is Guaranteed To Last Forever

I am so happy that I finally found a toy she loves


My dog can literally chew through EVERYTHING except this donut! I am so happy that I finally found a toy she loves, and can’t destroy.

The closest to indestructible as I have found


I have a power chewer of a dog and he always has been able to destroy every self proclaimed “tough” dog toys within two weeks. Someone recommended Kong toys to me but he shreds them no problem. The Zanies hard rubber bones didn’t make it through the night. I bought him this green Goughnut and it took him over two years to finally get to the red center. It was well worth the money for it to last that long. They have a replacement guarantee but I honestly felt that if the toy could last for over two years in the jaws of my dog, I would gladly pay money for another. I would rather buy a toy every couple of years than every couple of weeks! This time I bought him the black version and it’s doing great so far. I thoroughly expect it to outlast the green one.I highly recommend this brand of dog toys to anyone with a hard core chewer.

Takes abuse and keeps on bouncing


My dog loves this toy. I roll it for her and she chases it, and she also loves to chew on it. She’s been playing with it for months, and it has a few dents in it, but barely looks used (in spite of her determination to destroy it and find out what’s inside). The best part of this ring (in my opinion) is that the inside is red, so when your dog manages to get into it, you will be able to tell at a glance (if you see red, get rid of it!). I haven’t reached this point yet, but I’m glad that it’ll warn me if and when it becomes a choking hazard.

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