A Rescue Organization for the Bichon Frise

It is sometimes hard to believe how adorable little dogs like the Bichon can get
abandoned and abused by people. Thankfully, there are number of organizations
around the country dedicated to rescuing these tiny creatures and placing them in more
loving homes.

One of the most popular Bichon rescue organizations is Small Paws. Established 
in September 1998, it is by far the largest organized Bichon Frise rescue organization in
the United States of America.

Their goal is to rescue Bichons nationwide and provide them with love, shelter, food,
human companionship and medical care until they have found suitable puppy parents
for these fur babies, and permanent placement is secured.

The organization currently prides itself with a little over than 800 volunteers across the
country and more than 6000 members in 28 countries. In fact, if we look at their
achievements since it first started; Small Paws has successfully rescued and found new
homes for over 10,000 Bichons in the past 16 years.

Aside from rescuing as many Bichons in emergency situations and coordinating the
adoption of thousands of abandoned and abused Bichon Frise dogs, Small Paws also
aims to revive and promote the spirit of volunteerism, as well as educate and inform the
public about responsible pet ownership. They also provide valuable insight regarding
the commercial dog industry in the States. Their vision is to obliterate the selling of
puppies in commercial pet shops as Small Paws greatly considers this practice

Small Paws is supported entirely by donations and fund raisers.

If you’d like to welcome a new family member in your home, you should definitely
consider adopting from a rescue organization that has put a lot of love and care in
making your future pet as lovable and assimilated as it can be.

You can check out Small Paws by clicking here.