Small Dog Breeds: 4 Choices for a Healthy Diet

Small Dog Breeds: 4 Choices for a Healthy Diet

Small Dog Breeds: Healthy Diets

Just like with us, the Bichon Frise requires a nutritious diet to ensure its immune system
can fight off infections and diseases, and remain healthy.

Dog owners have a number of diets to choose from, and it is up to you to decide which
diet works best for your budget and schedule. Below is a breakdown of your options:

  1. Processed Dry Kibble
  2. Freeze Dried Foods
  3. Raw Foods and Bones
  4. Cooked Meals

Small Dog Breeds: Pros & Cons of the various Healthy Diets

Here are some pros and cons for you to think about when making your choice:

While dry kibble tends to be a very convenient choice, it can also place metabolic stress
among dogs that can lead to allergies, skin problems and hormone imbalances. This is
due to the fact that dry kibble is highly-processed and dehydrated. To minimize its ill
effects, make sure to choose grain-free dry kibble. Dogs do not digest grains
very well, and may often lead to diabetes, allergies and digestive problems.

The best option for Bichon Frise owners is to provide their fur babies with food such as
beef, poultry, vegetables and legumes, as they are fresh, whole and contain 70% more
moisture. Not only do these types of food promote good digestion, you can also tailor-fit
your dog’s diet according to its specific needs. Make sure to consult a pet nutritionist
regarding the type of food and quantity of food you should provide your Bichon Frise at
its every life stage.

Rehydrated freeze-dried foods are the next best thing if you cannot prepare your dog’s
meals ahead of time. Just keep in mind that whatever diet you choose it is very
important to feed your dog as consistently as possible. This means feeding your Bichon
Frise on a meal schedule – no more than twice a day and leaving the food down for only
about 20 minutes.


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