Toys for the Bichon Frise

As all work and no play will only make Jack a dull boy, it also applies to dogs that are
deprived of toys. Not only do dog toys serve as exciting rewards, they can also
provide comfort to dogs, help fight their boredom and prevent the development of
problem behaviors.

Here’s a list of toys that come highly recommended for Bichons:

Tennis Balls

While these are not originally designed for dogs, tennis balls make for great dog toys.
Every dog, including the Bichon, loves to play a casual game of fetch. On top of that, they
can also be used as an excellent prop for an obstacle course.

Rubber Toys

As Bichon Frise dogs are notorious for their incessant chewing, buying durable rubber
toys such as the Kong and the Nylabone can be very helpful in preventing destructive
chewing. These toys usually come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can oftentimes
be filled with dog treats that double as a feeding apparatus.

Stuffed Toys

Most dogs love tugging around a soft stuffed toy, and Bichons are particularly known for
doing so. Be extra careful in choosing a stuffed toy that is large enough to prevent
accidental swallowing, and sturdy enough to prevent wear and tear.

And here’s a list of things to keep in mind when purchasing a dog toy:

Dog-proof any kind of toy by removing any ribbons, small button eyes, strings or rubber bands that
may easily be swallowed.

Make sure to buy dog toys that are sized appropriately for your Bichon. If it’s too
big, your dog will just ignore it. If it’s too small, your dog can easily swallow it and
potentially choke.

Paying for a more expensive yet higher quality dog toy will always be worth your
money as it can last.